Welp, here goes nothin’!!

I’ve spent some time going back and forth with myself if I wanted to give this a try.  I finally decided, why not?!?  d76b4082303fc0346d83726894512a9b

I love to run, it is such a life saver for me.  It is a chance to get out, forget things for a while and focus on my feet and the pavement and nothing else.  I’ve been a runner “off and on” since High School.  I actually first got into running because of my big sis!  She is a year older and at that time in my life, I did practically everything she did! LOL  I’m surprised she didn’t disown me!!

I took some time off from running during college and my “early” adulthood, but really started back at it after the birth of my son in 2011.  Initially, it was a way to loose the baby weight and feel good about myself again.

Of course it did that, but along the way it did so much more.  It reminded me of the passion I once had for running and the joy I got out of it.  One thing that has always appealed to me about running is that battle within yourself.  Those thoughts of, ‘I can’t do this’, ‘I want to stop’ pop into your head while running and then you have the thoughts of ‘Don’t give up’, ‘Just a little further’.  I like the challenge of competing with myself and “my head”. 🙂

It was also a huge help/stress relief for me while going through the separation and divorce process.  For anyone who hasn’t been through it, it can truly STINK!  At the same time, some people are very blessed to have a civil, quick and painless separation.  I, unfortunately, was not so blessed.  Running, sweating, pushing my limits and creating new friends through running really kept me going and still does 3 1/2 years later.

I hope to share some of lessons I’ve learned and experiences I’ve had with you to perhaps help you, give you new ideas or simply something to keep you occupied and entertained! 😉  I look forward to seeing what this new “step” leads to!!




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