Make your own medal rack

I love making memory books, scrapbooks, and special crafty things to commemorate my running.  I have decided that my ‘office’ is also going to double as my ‘running room’! 🙂 lol  I hope to share with you a few of my creations and ideas.

It is actually fairly simple to make a medal rack of your own.  It’s also quite fun to personalize it for yourself.  I tend to get my supplies at my local Michael’s Craft Store for the most part.  They have a great selection and I used to work there (part time) and am pretty familiar with the store.  They have several different types of wooden plaques to choose from.  I originally made myself a smaller medal rack, but it got to be too small for all my medals!! 🙂  This year, I went back to Michael’s and got myself a bigger, longer, wooden plaque to make my new rack.


Of course, I had to paint both racks my favorite color…….PURPLE!! That is always the first step 😉  I initially did some internet ‘digging’ to find an inspirational phrase that I liked. I pinned ALOT of ideas before I finally decided on one.  I used my Silhouette Portrait (OMG loooove that thing!) to cut out some adhesive vinyl for my phrase.


After that, I simply took ‘screw in’ cup hooks that I bought at my local store.  You can find these practically anywhere and they are very inexpensive.  Decide how many hooks you want, measure out so they are evenly spaced and use those muscles!!


In order to hang it on the wall, I add picture hooks.  I prefer the push-pin ones or the ones you just ‘hammer’ in.  I am not very good with the ones that come with the teeny tiny screws!

After that, all that’s left is to hang it on the wall and get those medals on it baby!  🙂  Total cost between the wooden plaque, cup hooks, picture hooks, paint and vinyl (which I did already have) it probably cost me $15 tops.  It really is quite an inexpensive project and I always find it fun to be able to make something just the way I want it.

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