I’ve become…..

A CRAZY CAT LADY!!!  0_o  I never thought it would come to this….but it has, lord help me. Lol

We recently adopted an adorable baby kitten that is only 3 months old and 2lbs of cuteness.  We named her Schatz (German for treasure).  I was recently uploading my photos from my phone to my online photo storage site (Shutterfly, loooove that site) and I realized that I have taken over 100 pictures (close to 130) of this darn cat in the last 11 days!!  >.<  Now, everyone say it, OH…..EMMM…..GEEE! Yea I know, I know.  That equals out to being about 11 pictures of this stinking cat a day.

Now you look at those pictures and tell me she isn’t the cutest thing on four legs??!!??!! Ha, ha, ha, ha!

All joking aside, she came to us at just the right time, for me at least.  My 10yr old housecat Schnecke (German for snail) fell out of a screen window back at the beginning of June.  I did what I could to try and find her or lead her back home, but…no luck.  I myself had been going through a particularly difficult few weeks as it was and then with her gone, I was a MESS.  My son, gone at his father’s house; my Schnecke, my ONE constant companion in the last 10 years through all the ups, downs, twists and turns of my life was GONE.  Needless to say, I was lonely.  The house was way too quiet.  I tried to find things keep me from thinking of the silence and emptiness of my house.  Some friends and family suggested I get a new pet, start over, find a distraction.  For me, I just wasn’t ready for that yet.

Through a twist of fate, or whatever you may call it, a friend posted online about a kitten available for adoption.  I just recently been told again I should get a pet, this time I decided to do it.  I contacted her, we made arrangements and Schatz came home to us on July 3rd.    The next morning, was the 4th of course, so it was a slow lazy start to the day.  While my son played with Schatzi, I went out to hang the laundry on the line.  And there, in my backyard, huddled under the lid of her litter box (one animal rescue suggested putting her dirty litter box outside so she could ‘smell’ her way home) was MY SCHNECKE!!

I got her inside right away, called for reinforcements (my mom:) ) and got her cleaned up.  Not long after, it became apparent things weren’t quite right with her.  She didn’t want to eat or drink.  She was nothing but skin and bones, and she barely “spoke.”  Any of my friends and family would tell you that this is/was the noisiest cat you’ve ever heard!  Back “in the day”, you could hear her on my answering machine message crying in the background! LOL

I ended up taking her to the Emergency Vet, where it was determined she was in too bad of shape to risk trying to bring her back.  She was dehydrated, her blood sugar levels was ghastly low, and liver enzymes were through the roof.  I had to make the tough decision to let her go.

It SUCKED, it hurt, and I was sad.  Despite all that, there was good in this whole situation.  Whether you believe in a higher power or not, I truly feel one was at work here through my Schnecke as well as through Schatz.  I believe Schnecke came home to say her goodbyes and to let me know where she was.  I wasn’t left with the ‘what ifs’ of did she die, did someone take her in, is she lost somewhere.  I know where she was when she left this earth and it was in my arms, hearing my voice.  Schatz was brought to us at the right time to help in the healing process.  My Schnecke came back, not to stay, but to say goodbye and in return have a little stinker of a kitten to keep me busy, make me smile and to remind me of happy times.

So…..here I sit, on my bed, computer in my lap and baby kitten at my feet, if this is what it’s like to be a crazy cat lady, I’ll take it!




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