Running in community

When most people think about running they don’t see it as a ‘team’ sport.  You are competing between yourself and the other people on the course and there isn’t necessarily a ‘team’ that is running with you or helping you along the way… least in the literal since.

I was first introduced to running as a team sport in High School.  I started in Track & Field my freshman year and then went on to run Cross Country as well.  We trained together everyday after school, rode the bus together, and cheered each other on during events.  How each of us did mattered because if we all did horribly, we would loose the meet! 🙂

After my son was born and I got back into running again it was a ‘solo’ sport for me. It was something I went out and did alone. I would run before work or after I finally put the baby to bed! Lol That was nice but after a while, I lost my drive to push myself harder, to make myself do something more.  One day about a year into my “return to running”, a new girl started at work. As I got to know her, I discovered we both shared a love of running. Soon we found ourselves talking about our upcoming races, what we were doing for training, and the newest running gear we came across.

Before I knew it, we were running races together, creating running costumes, planning “runcations” and having so much fun!!  It was nice to have someone to run with, especially on those days when I just didn’t feel up to it.  She introduced me to a couple local running groups/clubs.  If you haven’t already joined a running group or club, I strongly recommend it.  It can be a great motivator to have other people running with you in training.  I have come to learn that when I am running by myself, I don’t push myself as hard as I do when there is “an audience”.  Running with my peers is a great way for me to push myself harder.

Another benefit of being part of a running club is the incredible amount of knowledge and experience.  There are people of different levels of runners, ages, and backgrounds.  One group I am a part of has a Facebook page.  It is a great way to connect and plan runs.  I have learned a lot from the others in the group as well as met some pretty cool people.

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I am very thankful for the group of people I have found and I can now call my friends.  I am especially grateful for my friend, Jodi, (aka @tinythunderr!!  She is a great friend to have, a great running partner and super person all around!!  Go check out her blog!




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