Divorce sure is pretty…


  • Pretty……scary – it is scary to think about and even scarier to go through with; there are so many unknowns from where are you going to live to will I be able to pay the bills?
  • Pretty……awkward – those first few times of doing the “exchange” with the kids; going over to their new place; being introduced to the girlfriend/boyfriend
  • Pretty…….freeing – for those who may have been in an abusive relationship or one that was just painfully dysfunctional, despite all the stress, it’s freeing to realize you have an open door of opportunities just waiting for you
  • Pretty…….easy – for some people it is a very quick and easy process; both people agree it isn’t working out, they sign their papers and 90 days later….it’s official
  • Pretty……difficult – for others, like myself, the process is long, arduous, difficult and costly for one reason or another; there are disagreements regarding money, children, property, assets, and so on
  • Pretty…….eye opening – in so many ways your eyes are opened to your past mistakes, who your real friends are, how strong and capable you really are, and what positive changes you can make in your life now
  • Pretty……surprising – a lot of things happen that you never expect, your ex may surprise you in compromising, when during the marriage, they never did! You may surprise yourself with your amazing resolve and resiliency on those tough days that are so hard to get through.
  • Pretty…….LIFE CHANGING – there is no way around that, good or bad, your life is now VERY different; you may find yourself moving from the beautiful house on the corner lot to a small 2 bedroom apartment, you may find yourself going from reading bedtime stories every night to only a couple of times a week, but you may also find yourself finally doing the things for yourself that you’ve always wanted to, but for some reason never did.  Whatever those changes may be, take them, take them and use them to better yourself, live the life you’ve always wanted, love the way you’ve wanted to love, feel free to be the person you want to be and don’t allow yourself to be held down by all the scary, difficult, surprising, awkward things.

4 thoughts on “Divorce sure is pretty…

  1. This made me a little teary eyed :’~( and brought memories of my own divorce back… Yes, you do learn who your real friends were! I am grieving the loss of a person who I thought was a friend, but turned out to take “his side”. I miss her, and on the same note I’m glad to be rid of people who were fake.

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    1. It is hard when you are put in those situations and it’s particularly hard to be mature sometimes O_o because your emotions are so raw. It’s so much better when people can realize there are no “sides” in it, just different experiences.


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