As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts (Running in community) I am part of a local running group.  We offer group runs pretty much any day and time of the week for anyone a part of the group.  Back in June, I hosted a Group Fun Run through downtown Harrisburg to tour all the DINOs that have invaded the city! ;-P  For those of you in the local area you should definitely check it out! (Harrisburg’s Dinomite Summer) We had such a blast and a great turn out that I wanted to share a little about that morning.


I had gone online and checked out the map of where the dinosaurs were placed throughout downtown and then created a ‘course’ that would get us past as many of them as we could.  They are all placed in a small area, so I had to add on some distance to at least make the run an even 3 miles.  Then, to add to the fun of the morning, one of our fellow runners brought several Dino Hats for us to wear as well as a couple Dino Wands!!!  As the organizer, I had the privelage of wearing a Dino Hat AND carrying a Dino Wand! πŸ˜‰ IMG_3995

It was quite hilarious watching all the people’s faces when seeing this large group of people running down the sidewalk, most of them wearing goofy Dino Hats.  πŸ™‚ We even stopped a nice gentleman walking down the street to take a picture of all of us in front of a T-Rex covered in pennies and nickels! Take a look below at a cool little slide show of some of the great pictures from that morning.IMG_3996

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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