Make your own running towel

One thing I’ve come to learn about myself when it comes to running, is that during the summertime, I sweat, sweat, sweat and during the wintertime, my nose runs, runs, runs! O_o  Ewww, gross!  It’s just another one of those, less than glamorous side effects of running.  I find myself wiping off the sweat with my shirt or using my shirt sleeve for my nose, but that is not preferred.  I’ve seen a few different types of running towels out there, that you can carry with you to sop up the sweat or to wipe your nose.  I decided to try and make my own and show you all how I made it! 😉

I started with one of the “Cool Towels”.  You can get them wet and they stay cold as long as they are wet.  I had been using it last summer while training to try and keep me cool on really hot days.  The problem with it though, is that it is HUGE.  It got to be a pain to try and bring along on my runs.  It’s 32 inches long!!



‘Cool Towel’ or any preferred fabric

1 1/2″ wide ribbon (I used a satin feel ribbon)


1. Cut a square

I opted to cut a square that was about 12″x 12″.

2. Fold raw edge & Hem

I folded the raw edge twice, just so it was a bit ‘thicker’ and sturdier.  I chose to use a zig zag stitch because it is a bit stronger, especially when you are expecting a lot of tugging and pulling.  I also went over the hem twice.

3. Measure & Cut Ribbon

I cut two pieces of ribbon, one piece to wrap around my wrist and the other to wrap across my palm.  The ribbon for acrossIMG_6040.JPG my palm measured 11″ and the ribbon for around my wrist measured 9″.  I will say that I have a very small wrist and hand, so make sure to measure your own hand & wrist to make sure it fits comfortably.  I did allow for a little wiggle room for when wrap the towel around my hand.

4. Pin & Sew Ribbons On Towel

First take the longer ribbon (for your palm/hand) and place it on one of the corners of the towel square.  Before pinning, make sure to fold over the raw edges.  Sew using a zig zag stitch.  Again, I went over it a couple times just to make sure the stitching holds.  Next, pin the wrist strap/ribbon to the left

of the palm strap/ribbon.  Make sure to fold the raw edges over before pinning.  Sew using a zig zag stitch.

5. Fold Towel & Sew

Once you have both straps/ribbons sewn on, fold the towel as shown in the picture and pin.  This will help to make the towel slightly more compact and folded for when you wrap it around your hand or wrist.  Sew again with a zig zag stitch.

6. Wear, Wrap & Enjoy! 🙂

There are a couple different ways you can wear it.  You can have both straps going around your wrist and then wrap the towel around your wrist or you can have the straps on the wrist and palm then wrap the towel or hold the towel in your palm.



I plan to test this out tonight during my speed workout. 🙂  I will let you all know how it works!!  Till next time! 🙂



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