Take some time for yourself

I went away this past weekend to go camping and have some ‘me time.’ Man, it was just what the doctor ordered!  I really needed to unplug for a while and spend some time with myself  and not focus on the outside world.

I went to Pine Grove Furnace State Park in Gardners, Pa (Pine Grove Furnace).  It is definitely out in the boonies and cell reception was real spotty, which was a good thing!  More often than not, I will say I’m going to ‘unplug’ and all I really do is step away from my phone for an hour!  The lack of cell reception forced me to focus on me and my immediate surroundings.

There was so much to do, and I honestly felt like I could have used several more days just to do all I wanted to.  I was able to get my training runs in, did some hiking, kayaking, chilling around a campfire (my FAVE), laying out doing absolutely nothing, exploring and trail running.  One of my favorite parts of the trip is hiking up the Pole Steeple trail at sunset, to watch the sunset from atop the mountain.  The view is just stunning to begin with, but at sunset it was just perfect.



It was so beautiful and calming up there I could have stayed so much longer if it weren’t for the fact I knew it was going to be hard enough to find my way back down in the dark!!  I did have a head lamp to help see, but the trail is very rocky and steep which made it challenging to hike in the dark.  On my way down, I also discovered two sets of glowing green eyes watching me from the trees. O_0  That was definitely creepy!!  It’s been a long time since I felt ‘scared’ in the dark!  I assume they were a couple of foxes and I’m sure I was safe, but still……creepy!!

I got an opportunity to do some of my running on trails which was a lot of fun. It’s nice to be able to trail run because it’s never boring!  I only did about a mile or so on trail, but in that mile, I came across 3 downed trees, two creek crossings and one of those crossings I had to crawl across very thin logs laying across the water.  I’m sure I looked quite ridiculous maneuvering across. 🙂

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It was a great weekend for some ‘me time’ and self-care.  I’ve never been one to spend much time taking care of myself.  I tend to always focus on everyone else and how they are doing……..never myself.  One of my goals this year, is to really put forth a genuine effort towards ME……things that make me happy, things I need for myself and spending time for myself. 🙂   This weekend was a good step in that process.

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