Bouncing Buns 7K Trail Run

Welp, as I’ve said before, I really like signing up for unique races and the race I ran this past weekend was by far, the most unusual race I’ve ever run!! 🙂

This weekend’s race was the Bouncing Buns Trail race and it is a ‘clothing optional’ race held at a nudist resort about an hour and a half from me.  It was a first for me!! lol It’s probably going to be a last as well!!  It was one of those experiences that I felt that I had to be a part of at least once.  🙂  I had heard about the race through a couple different running friends who had either run the race before or had known someone who did it.  One friend of mine was really interested in doing it as soon as I told him about it.  I got to thinking and decided to give it a shot myself.  When I signed up, I wasn’t sure if I would actually do the race completely nude or not.  I figured I wouldn’t worry myself about it until the day of.

If you all haven’t already figured out, I love to take pictures.  I love taking pictures during races and preserving memories all around, but…….this was a race that I really couldn’t do that at!!  I was able to take some pictures that I will share with you, but for most of it, you will have to use your imagination! lol 🙂

The resort was much like a campground.  I pulled up to the front gates and had to check-in with my name and license.  All pre-registered runners were given special “day passes” to be at the resort.  I drove past all of their facilities on the way to the start, a swimming pool, restaurant, bar/lounge, beach volleyball court and tennis courts.  This place sure has it all!  The road through the campground was a one lane road and driving about 10 mph, I was dodging naked bodies with my two ton car! lol  That was something you don’t do everyday.  I finally found a parking spot and then had to race up to the registration table as I only arrived with about 10 minutes until the start of the race.  As I ran up to registration, I quickly realized I was the only one fully dressed! O_o Talk about a realization….lol!

The nice ladies checking people in, stood there completely nude under the canopy of a trailer.  I was handed a bib but then told to go over to Ron to get my number put on.  My number put on? Oh yea, if you’re going to run naked…..there is nothing you can pin your bib to.  I joined the line of runners waiting for their turn with Ron.  Using a permanent marker, Ron wrote our numbers on our thighs.  I ran back to my car and dropped off my shirt and began to undress, lol, still seems so weird typing it.  Fearful of missing the start and not having anywhere to place my car keys, I ran in my underwear and sports bra.  (my car keys lasted about 5 mins in my bra though, they were driving my crazy).

Lined up at the start, there were 147 of us ready to run.  The majority of runners were completely nude.  I would venture to say of the 147 runners, only about a dozen (including myself) had some type of clothing on.  There were some women that were running in just sports bras and some running in just shorts.  There was only one woman completely clothed for the race.  Ron went over the course and I soon began to realize that this trail run, truly was a trail run!  I had figured the “trail” would be a dirt path through a slightly wooded section…..nope!

The first mile of the course looped through the campground and we came past registration, up a nasty hill to enter the woods just at the one mile mark.  There was only one water stop right at the top of the hill due to the trail being too narrow and difficult to maneuver to bring water in further.  O_o   The trail was quite rocky and at times there were divots and ruts in the path that you had to watch out for.  Running trails can be nerve-wracking enough worrying about tripping and falling, but can you imagine that added stress of doing it NAKED?!?!  Needless to say, I was quite thankful I at least had my underwear and bra on!!  The trail wound through the woods and several parts the path was quite narrow.  One of the really neat parts about the trail was the path went through “tunnels” of laurels.  Below is a cropped picture from the resort’s website showing part of the trail through the laurels.  It was really quite pretty.  The only downside to the trail going through the trees washiking_01.jpg some of the branches grew quite low and encroached on the trail.  Between jumping ruts and rocks, I also had to dodge branches hitting my head and scratching my side.  At one point, a branch caught me right in the face and almost knocked my glasses off!  One other problem with the laurels, is the leaves would rub against you as you ran past, well, they collected the sweat from all the other runners who had just ran past!  O_o   Ewwwwwww  The trail then came out into a meadow of waist high grass! Luckily the path was a worn down 4-wheeler path and we didn’t have to actually run through the grass.  As I got to about a mile left, I passed a man going out on the course and he informed me that I was the 4th place female at that point.  I looked up and realized I could see the 3rd place female just ahead.  Of course, the competitive part of me came out like a lion and I picked up the pace!!  I was able to pass her and get into 3rd and realized that I was only about 50 yards from the 2nd place female.  Just as I was contemplating trying to pass her, I tripped on a rock and the next thing I knew, I was doing a barrel roll down the trail!!  Talk about graceful!!  🙂   I’m sure it was quite humorous.  I got myself right back up and kept on down the trail.  I knew there wasn’t much left and I figured I would worry about how embarrassed I was later, lol.  I was on the tail of the 2nd place female as we came out of the woods to head back down the nasty hill we went up earlier.  I wasn’t able to catch her as she went flying down the hill, but was able to finish 3rd female overall, 1st in my age group and 35th out of 147!!  Not too bad for running half-naked through the woods!! lol 😉

Well, enough of all that!! Below is a slideshow of the pictures I was able to take race day!

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