The Next Goal

Well, it didn’t take long for me to decide on my next goal, lol. Sometimes it’s been there all along staring you in the face and you just have to open your eyes and see what’s in front of you.  After years of saying ‘never’ or ‘maybe someday in the future’, my someday has come and I have decided to train for and run my first Full Marathon. O_o  Most, if not all of my running friends, have said it was bound to happen and I suppose now is when I have to say, “You were right!!”

One of the driving forces of me making the decision to finally run a full was the faith and belief my family and friends have in me.  For the last year, I’ve heard so many say that I should do it, I could do it, but from me, there was always a reason as to why I couldn’t.  Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about those so-called reasons, those excuses.  The excuses people give as to why they are not healthy, why they aren’t active, why they don’t have a goal for themselves.  That drives me bonkers and yet, here I was, doing the same thing!!!  img_6030Some of you may hate me for saying that, saying those are excuses.  Here is how I see it and why I say they are just excuses.

For years I had ‘reasons’ (excuses) why I couldn’t run and be active whether it was my academics, job, social life, dating, a child, etc.  I remember clearly, when I was pregnant with my son thinking, “My life is so busy now, how can I fit a child into my life?” and then fast forward to a year into my son’s life, I found myself thinking, “How could I have possibly thought I was busy back then?!  I had no responsibilities!  I had so much free time!”  That was when I realized, they were all excuses framed in the guise of problems, responsibilities, priorities and things holding me back.  The only thing holding me back was……..ME.IMG_5638  It simply was me, choosing what I would make a priority and what I wouldn’t.

It is about perspective.  Stop a moment reflect on your statements and reasons why you aren’t doing something to take care of yourself, why you aren’t going to the gym, or going to that yoga class you’ve been saying you’re going to go to.  Ask yourself, are these genuine things holding me back or is this me making excuses and not willing to make it a priority?

One of my excuses for the last year or so was the time it would take and how difficult it would be to manage my time and so forth.  Looking at my training calendar, the next 7 weeks are going to be long, busy and exhausting.  As a single mom, there are benefits to my situation and there are roadblocks.  I will have the time on the weeks I don’t have my son to get all my runs in.  But then there are the weeks I have my son and no “partner” to share the load.  That’s when creative training comes into play.  Squeezing a run in on my lunch break or getting some miles in before I pick him up from school.  I don’t have it all quite figured out at this point, but I have faith.  🙂 I have faith I can figure it out, I have faith in my support group and their encouragement, help and suggestions.  I also know that I may miss runs, or I may not be able to run as far as I want some days.  The most important thing I know is what is coming at the end of all the trouble, tight schedules and exhausted days…………a goal, an accomplishment, pride in myself, and knowing I can do whatever I put my mind to. 🙂


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