On the road to a marathon….

The real meat and bones of this marathon training are coming upon me.  These next few weeks will be the true test for my physical being as well as my mental being.  This past weekend, I astounded myself in running a total of 32 miles in just two days time.  I understand for a lot of runners out there (several of my running friends included) that’s normal mileage for a weekend……..not for me!!  I did it though, and survived!!  I ran 14 easy miles on Saturday and 18 miles on Sunday.  I was able to maintain race pace (10 min/mile) for a large portion of the run.  It sure wasn’t easy, by mile 15 I was hurting and my oomph was starting to go.  With the support of some friends that I happened upon along my route, I was able to maintain pace and push through the aches and finish my 18 miles at 3 hours on the dot.

I can already see this road to my first marathon as one being filled with ups and downs as well as experiences completely new to me.  I will admit that there is a lot of hesitation and some fear inside me.  I also have a lot excitement and anxiety to see what I may accomplish in the coming weeks.  I look forward to the friendships that may grow stronger through the miles, the aches and sore legs.  I thought I would take some time to share what I have learned and experienced so far on this journey.

  1. Marathon Training is a lot like being pregnant:  it seems that I’m always tired, 20 minutes after most meals, I’m ready to eat again and I get random aches and pains!! 🙂 lol
  2. Rest days are crucial to good training:  in the past I wasn’t always the best at truly having rest days or resting in general  ;-P  I am really trying to teach myself to rest and to really give myself the time to recoup and recover.
  3. Training partners are lifesavers:  after Sunday’s run, this rings more true than it had before.  I hit my wall and was sooooo tired.  The miles were finally catching up to me, but with the support and company of my fellow runners I got my head back into focus and finished the run.
  4. While training for a marathon, you may neglect housework:  see above ;-P  I have been so tired and most night I’m in bed by 8pm!  My dishes pile in the sink, the laundry basket overflows and the rug needs vacuumed!  I haven’t quite figured out the solution to that problem, but when I do….you’ll be the first to know!!
  5. The focus is on the journey/experience, not the time:  this is my first marathon, now isn’t the time to have pace goals, finish time goals, etc.  Right now, my focus is the journey and enjoying the experience.

I can’t wait to share with you what I continue to learn and experience on this journey.  Thank you for sharing it with me!!! 🙂 🙂


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