Running Shirt Pillow Case

This past weekend I had the urge to craft, so I decided to make myself a Running T-Shirt Pillow Case for my body pillow.  I had been contemplating making myself a running quilt, but I will be honest, I just can’t give up that many shirts! LOL 🙂 I thought this would be a good start!

To start, I measured my pillow and current pillow case to come up with a pattern.  Calculating in seam allowance, my measurements were 20″ wide and 58″ long.  I then took a look at my T-shirts and discovered that the widest I could cut them out was 15″ and that wouldn’t be wide enough for the pillow case.  Looking at them differently, I cut them out at 15″ wide and 20″ long.  IMG_8712.JPGThat way I could lay them side by side to make the pillow case, instead of end to end like I had originally planned.  To make sure I had enough T-Shirts, I did the math and determined I would need four T-Shirts at 15″ wide to make it to 58″.  It clearly adds up to 60″ and that’s fine.  Having too much fabric is a much easier problem to deal with than not enough fabric.

After cutting out all four T-Shirts, I placed them right sides together and pinned one of the 20″ sides together (see picture 1 below).  Next step is to sew the two T-Shirt panels together, making a 1/4 inch seam.  Once those are sewn together, you will pin the next panel on and sew, doing that for remaining T-Shirt panels (see picture 2 below).

Now that you have all your T-Shirt panels together, you have to cut out the backside of the pillow case.  If you have a enough T-Shirts, I think it would be cool to make the backside T-Shirts as well.  I didn’t have enough I was willing to give up just yet! 🙂  I cut out a piece of fabric that was 20″ wide and 60″ long, since that is what my T-Shirts ended up being.  Place both sides together with right sides facing, then pin.  Remember when you are sewing, you need to leave one end open as this will be where you slide your pillow into the pillow case.  Sewing using a 1/4 inch seam.

Once both sides of the pillow case are sewn together, hem the end of your pillowcase, folding back about 1 1/2 inches (more or less if you desire).  I choose to sew the hem twice to help against “rolling” edges.img_8720  Iron it out, check your seams, trim extra thread and……BAM! You have a new Body Pillow Case! 🙂  It didn’t take me very long to complete.  I would say this takes about an hour start to finish, maybe even less.  I had to keep stopping to take pictures along the way!!

I hope you all enjoy this and are able to make your own!  If you do send or post pictures, I’d love to see them. 🙂


Em 🙂


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