On the road to a marathon…part 2

I just recently ran the furthest I have EVER run……22 miles.  It’s something I never really pictured myself doing.  I loved running and training for half marathons, but marathons…..I used to think, were for crazy people! lol 🙂  I guess now I’m one of the crazy ones!

In my earlier post (On the road to a marathon….), I mentioned I would share with you all what I learn throughout this process.  Today, I am sharing a little bit more of what I’ve come to discover. 🙂

  1. You really can do so much more than you think you can.  I never thought training for a marathon was possible for me.  I never thought I could really do it, but here I am 3 weeks out from my first marathon! O_o Holy Crap!  You just have to set a goal for yourself, put your mind to it, and push yourself until you get there.
  2. You will get sore and you will be tired.  There is no way around it.  Now, there are ways to make the soreness not so bad or to help give yourself more energy, but these are things that come with the territory of training/running long distances.  It’s not that you can’t do it or your body can’t handle it, it’s just your body learning to deal with it! 😉 lol (That is not saying that if there is concern about a possible injury to just ignore it.)  I’m simply saying that you cannot expect yourself to feel tip-top after running 18 miles.
  3. Body Glide will be your best friend! Chafing is real and it happens to everybody.  You will be amazed at the places on your body that rub together that you never really knew about until you hop in the shower after running for 20 miles! OUCH! O_oiguaranteechafe-600x438
  4. You will have good runs and you will have not so good runs in your training.  That will happen, don’t let them bring you down.  There will be times when it’s hard to make it past 15 miles, but then the next time you go out there, 15 miles will be a breeze!!!  Keep your head up, arms pumping and feet moving!! 🙂

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