Countdown Begins

T-minus 5 days and counting.  Holy smokes!  The time is near and my nerves and excitement are building.  Five days and I will be running my first full marathon.  O_o  At this point in time, I’m actually more excited than I am nervous…….I’ll take it! lol

I have a super great group of running friends standing behind me, giving me pointers and great pieces of advice.  I am glad I chose to make Harrisburg my first full marathon, as I have the ‘hometown’ advantage and so many people I know will be running alongside me Sunday morning.  Some of my family and friends will be there cheering me on as well, which is awesome! 🙂

These last few months of training and preparing have led me to see some things much clearer than I perhaps had in the past.  There are a lot of people out there that care for me and support me.  It may sound a little like bragging, and perhaps it is! 😉  But I do count myself as blessed to be a part of the awesome running community I am a part of.  The support and friendships of these people are ones to cherish!

“I dare you to train for a marathon, and not have it change your life.” – Susan Sidoriak

I apologize for the short post and not “being around” much in the last week or so, but the time crunch is on and my brain is on overload!!  I hope to catch up more with you all post-marathon.  Take care and NEVER GIVE UP! 🙂



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