Running in Romania

Holy Smokes!! It’s been way too long since I’ve posted anything, sorry guys!!  It is the time of year when time goes so fast and it feels as if schedules are non-stop… least for It me! 😉

Anywho, I had the pleasure of spending a week in Romania over the Thanksgiving holiday and wanted to share with you the beautiful views I had on my runs there.  My little sis is currently stationed over there at a Romanian base near the Black Sea.  When preparing for the trip, I did some research in attempts to find any local races taking place while we were there.  Unfortunately, what I did find had already taken place either in the Spring or in October.  So, perhaps I’ll be back next year to run a Romanian Road Race?!?! 🙂

When I discovered that my sister lives only a block from the Black Sea, I had to run along the beach while I was there.  I mean, come on!  How many people can say they’ve run along the beach of the Black Sea! 😉  I’ve never actually run on a beach before and wasn’t sure what to expect.  I was a bit weary of running on the sand because I didn’t want to injure myself or anything.  I decided that I wasn’t going to focus on pace but instead focus on the sights and getting some miles in.img_0081

She lives in an area that is mostly tall apartment buildings, luckily the night before she showed me the path winding through the buildings to get to the edge of the road.  I came around the last tall building….and there it is, the Black Sea!  There was a worn down path leading to “stairs” built into the sand wall and I ran down to the  beach.  She lives on the edge of where the ‘resort beach’ starts and the ‘city beach’ ends.  It was a good landmark to find my way back home.  There is a long concrete wall that divides the two beaches, so my plan was to start there, run as far down the beach as I wanted and then turn and head back.

One thing I noticed almost immediately upon arriving in Constanta, was the sheer number of stray dogs.  They are EVERYWHERE! Running down to the beach, I noticed several dogs running around but only a couple of people walking as well.  I was left to assume some of those dogs were strays, but they didn’t seem to be of any real concern.  It was a cool morning, the sky was overcast and the wind was chilly but at least it wasn’t blowing constantly.  I ran to the first jetty and discovered that the top of the jetty was basically like a sidewalk, so I decided to run out to the end and come back to get some extra distance and give my ankles a break from the sand.

It was pretty cool standing there at the end of the jetty with the whole sea right there in front of me.  Some of the waves were strong enough that I got a light mist when they hit the rocks.  I continued further down the beach and began to notice that the beach wasn’t just hard packed sand, it was also mounds and mounds of sea shells.  There were a couple of spots where I could have sworn the pile of shells must have at least been 8 inches deep!  As neat as it was, it definitely was not the easiest terrain.  I took my time in those sections.

I continued down the beach to about 2.5 miles when my ankles started to feel a little sore and I didn’t want to stay out too long and worry my sister and mother! 🙂  On the way back I decided to run the part of the beach closest to the road to see how the sand was back there.  It was actually a little more packed there because, some cars had driven there and packed the sand down pretty well.  I ran my way back down to the end of the beach to the stairs in the sand wall, enjoy the views with every step.  For my first run on a beach, I would call it a success!  Below are some more pictures.  Tomorrow I hope to share some pictures and experiences from my run along the Mamaia Boulevard/Peninsula!

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