Running in Romania….Part Two

Oh my gosh, I don’t know about you all but it just seems like the days go by way too stinking fast!!  I do believe I promised this post last week!  Whoops!  Well, here it is. 🙂

My first run in Romania I chose to run on the beach, which was pretty awesome and something I’ve never done before.  The next day I chose to do 11 miles on my sister’s stationary bike while watching Netflix….SCORE! 🙂

Thanksgiving was the next day, so while my mother and sister began preparing Thanksgiving dinner, I went out for my very own Turkey Trot! 🙂  I decided to go somewhere different in order to experience as much of my sister’s neighborhood that I could.  Instead of going south along the beach, I went north along the Mamaia Peninsula.  The Peninsula is basically resorts, hotels, beach and boardwalk.  img_0997 Since it was the off season, that stretch was pretty deserted.  It was still neat to see all the different hotels and clubs along the way.  Many of them had American/English names like, The Bellagio! 🙂  There were also a few ‘attractions’ like the Luna Park and a water park that looked fun!

Since hotels were on either side of the road as well as the restaurants, bars, clubs and parks, there were several walking bridges crossing over the road.  Each bridge was different from the last.  They were different colors and shapes.  I had to stop a few times to take pictures of the bridges!  Below are some pictures of the bridges.

I will admit that the weather was not the most preferred while we were there.  It wasn’t necessarily too cold, but due to the time of year, most of the trees were bare, the skies were overcast and we didn’t see the sun much.  I would love to be able to experience the beach and boardwalk in the sunshine! 🙂

I ran about 3.5 miles out and then decided to turn around and head back.  As I was running back down the main road on the Peninsula, I noticed the boardwalk along the beach.  I decided to head that way and check it out some.  I will admit that I didn’t take as many pictures of this part that I would of liked, because I was too busy looking around while attempting not to trip over my own two feet!! LOL 🙂  It was a pretty basic boardwalk with lots of shops (empty & closed now), restaurants and hotels.  There were a few clubs built out on the beach and small little shacks, I would assume to sell food and drink.  One of the interesting things about the boardwalk was there was a ‘ski lift’ type attraction, where you could ride in a car above everyone up and back the boardwalk.  That looked like it would be something fun to do.img_0250

The wind was definitely stronger closer to the sea.  I ran about a mile or so on the boardwalk and opted to head back to main road, because I was loosing feeling in my fingers!!

The last of the interesting sights on this run was the boat welcoming you to Constanta.  These boats were displayed at the different ‘entrances’ to the city.  They were each painted with different patterns and colors.  I took a picture of the one we passed when we entered Constanta on our first night as well as the one I ran passed when heading towards the Peninsula.



Despite the fact that the weather and time of year weren’t ‘on my side’, I really enjoyed the trip.  It was great to see my sister and catch up, explore new cities and run along the Black Sea!!! 🙂  Have you traveled and gotten to run in any unique places?  I’d love to hear about it!



One thought on “Running in Romania….Part Two

  1. When traveling, getting in a run in a new location is important to me. I feel like I’ve experienced the area more deeply. Very interesting post. So few visit Romania – it ‘sort of’ on my list.


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