2016 – Year in Review

2016, wow!  What a year.  So much is happened this year, a lot of good and for sure, some bad.  I decided it would be fun to look back on the races I’ve run this year.

  1. Bunny Run 5K, March 26: a spur of the moment race.  About a week or so before going down to visit my Dad for Easter, I discovered there was a 5K in the neighboring town the Saturday before Easter. So, naturally I had to sign up!!! img_1422
  2. Capital Area 10 miler, April 2:  this is a race that I have been wanting to do for a couple years now, but one reason or another had kept me away. I was real excited to finally be able to run it.  Luckily, the weather was decent for the race and not as gruesome as it had been in years past (freezing rain, sleet, ice).
  3. Louisville Mini-Marathon, April 30: a bucket list race! I’m originally from Louisville, Ky and love going back to visit. I usually go back a couple times a year. This year, I was able to make it a runcation!! The race also happened to be the week before my birthday…..perfect!
  4. PA DUI Association 10K, May 21:  I had run this race for the first time back in 2013 and placed 2nd female overall and 1st in my age group.  I had hoped to run it again to see where I fell in the rankings.  It took a few years until my schedule worked, but I was finally able to run it! I didn’t place this year but my time was decent with a 54:22 finish.  I was happy with it and it was nice to run the course again.img_1424
  5. Color Run, June 5:  this was one of my  gifts to my son for his birthday. He always asks to run races with me and I figured this would be a fun one for him.  Unfortunately, not so much! Lol He was quite overwhelmed by all the noise and stimulation.  He eventually warmed up and by the end he was enjoying himself. He did tell me that he won’t run a race like that ever again!! Lol
  6. Harrisburg Mile, July 20:  my son and I ran this race together as well.  He was signed up for the Half Pint Half Mile and I ran the mile (Harrisburg Mile).  I ran the fastest I have run in years, it quite a race!  I finished with a 7:34:37 mile! Whoa!IMG_5495
  7. HARCC After Dark 7K, August 21:  (HARRC After Dark) this is another run, unique race because it’s run at dusk and the distance is a bit odd!  The problem with running the race is the odd distance, because I tend to have a hard time judging my speed/pace while running it.  The other great thing about this race was that I improved my time from last year, 37:54, to 36:22 this year! 🙂 Woot!
  8. Bouncing Buns 7K Trail Run, August 28:  this race is clearly one of most unique races I did this year, and possibly EVER! lol 🙂  This is held at a Nudist Resort about 2 hrs from me in Eastern PA.  It was quite the experience and if you’d like to know more, check out my blog post on it!  (Bouncing Buns 7K Trail Run)
  9. Harrisburg Half Marathon, Sept 11:  my original goal race for 2016!  I spent the summer training with Fleet Feet Sports because I really wanted to break the 2hr mark after spending the last few years flirting with it.  It was a crazy hot and humid day, but with some determination and an extra push from my coach and friend Fred, I was able to finish at 1:59:17!img_7753
  10. Hanover YMCA Half Marathon, Oct 2:  literally three weeks post goal race and just running to keep my fitness level up, I ran the Hanover Half Marathon.  Holy Smokes!  I was not prepared for what happened that day.  I ended up smashing my PR set at Harrisburg by almost 7 minutes! O_o  I finished at 1:52:51, that was quite a memorable race for me. 🙂
  11. Hershey Half Marathon, Oct 16:  over the years, I’ve heard a lot of good things about this race and always wanted to run it.  This year I got the chance, when I was able to run with someone else’s bib who wasn’t able to run the race.  I ran with a running buddy who was attempting to beat the 2hr mark for that race.  I was looking forward to helping someone else reach a goal that they were striving for. (Hershey Half Marathon)img_8807
  12. Hero Run 5K, Nov 6:  I have run this race every year since it started.  I love it!  It’s always so much fun and the organizers do a fantastic job of putting it on every year.  I ran this race with my little guy and we both dressed as Captain America. 🙂  He had fun with it, but he did get a little nervous just before the start with all the people and all the noise.  He struggled to run the whole thing and I did have to carry him a fair bit.  But, as we saw the finish line get closer, he was more than happy to run across it.  He loved all the cheers at the finish.  The smile on  his face was the best! 🙂
  13. Harrisburg Marathon, Nov 13:  my impromptu goal race.  After doing so well with the two halves in Sept and Oct, I decided to give a marathon a try!  I really enjoyed it, had a great time and was happy with my performance that day.  I finished my first full marathon at 4:19:23, not bad for my first try! 🙂img_9846
  14. Devil Dog 100K, Dec 17-18: last but certainly not least!! What a race, what a weekend and what an experience!! 🙂  Devil Dog 100K was certainly a grueling, tough race, but worth every step I took.  I’m so happy I decided to run it.  I am a stronger person and stronger runner because of it. 🙂

So, now I say goodbye to 2016 and prepare my plans and my body for what is to come in 2017.  I look forward to experiencing some new races and new journeys in the coming year.  What was your favorite race of 2016?  Do you have any special goals for the upcoming year?


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