Hero Run 5K

**It’s taken me forever to finally finish this post, so yes, technically I ran this race in November**

I have had the pleasure of running this race every year since it’s inception in 2012.  Each year my friends and I run it, it gets better and better.  This is one of those races where the Race Directors really listen to participants feedback and truly work towards making it a fun and enjoyable day.  If you live in the area, it’s a race I recommend that you do at least once.  One of the local police departments puts the race on as a fundraiser for a few programs and they do such a great job organizing it.

Each year the theme of the race changes to a different Super Hero.  The first year it was Superman, then it was Batman, last year was Captain America and this year is Spiderman!!  One of the fun aspects of this race is that they encourage runners to come dressed as their favorite super heroes.  We always have fun creating costumes for this race.  We have done Mrs. Incredible, Wonder Woman and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! 🙂  For the first time, I was able to run this race with my little guy!  I was excited to be able to dress up with him and have fun.  We decided to go as Captain America and Mommy America, lol. 🙂

img_1427The race starts later in the morning, which is nice, because November in Pennsylvania…..the weather can be anything!!  I remember one year, it was in the 50s!!  The year before was super cold and windy.  It’s held at the mall and inside there is a big party atmosphere with fun balloon creations, police cruiser, photo booth, volunteers dressed as super heroes and music!  My son really enjoyed seeing all the different super heroes and getting his picture taken with them.  That was also when he discovered that part of the course actually goes through the mall.  I mean, come on, for a kid how cool is it to be able to run inside and not get in trouble for doing it! 🙂  lol  As the opening ceremony activities died down, we headed outside the mall to the Start/Finish line.  There we caught up with more running friends.  My son began to get excited especially when he noticed other kids out there in costume and ready to run.

It’s quite entertaining to stand there at the start line looking at all the costumes and pointing out the different super heroes.  I remember one year, someone was dressed up as Quail Man!!  That was pretty awesome! 🙂  quailman1

The course runs through the parking lot of the mall and the shopping center nearby.  One of the unique aspects of the course, other than running through the mall, is at the bottom of a big hill are two fire trucks on either side of the road holding up an American Flag between them.  It is neat seeing it up there, above your head, blowing in the wind.  This race in particular, was a chore for me this time around.  Initially, my son was excited to run the race, but as soon as things got going, he got overwhelmed that he couldn’t keep up with everyone else and felt a bit defeated.  So, I had to spend most of the 3.1 miles convincing him he could do it.  And yes, I ran at times, with a kid on my back or my shoulders.  A little added workout……right?!?!

As we approached the finish line and he saw the crowds of people and heard the music, his spirits lifted and was super excited to run across the finish line.  I was happy to see the smile back on his face as we ran past all the cheering people.  He definitely loves the cheers and clapping!! Ha ha ha 🙂 Thanks to my friend, Ana (Work, Run, Hike, repeat) for getting pictures of us crossing the finish line. 🙂

As always, it was a fun experience and I’m happy I was able to share it with my LoveBug.  🙂  I was super proud of him for pushing through it and finishing the whole thing, despite being bummed he couldn’t keep up with the big kids. 🙂  Proud Mama here! 🙂


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