Woman Crush Wednesday :)

Several months ago I announced I would acknowledge a ‘Woman Crush’ every Wednesday and…….that kind of fell through didn’t it?!?  Well, with this being a new year, I am giving it another shot.  If I don’t make it every Wednesday, I will hope to at least make it every other Wednesday…….so here goes!!

I am the second born of three girls.  There is quite a dynamic between the three of us, to put it nicely.  😉  My older sister, Abigail, and I have had an interesting relationship from the very beginning.  lol 🙂  img_2290Since I was in my mother’s womb, I wanted to follow her around and do everything just like her!  My due date was actually Abbie’s birthday!  Luckily, for Abbie’s sake, I came two weeks early and had my own birthday instead of taking hers! 😉  I have to laugh when I think about that because it seems as if that was only the beginning of me following right behind her!

For many years, my best friend was Abbie.  I wanted to do everything just like her, like most younger siblings.  And when our younger sister, Stephanie, came around, Abbie and I would team up against her!

As we got older, we took different paths into young adulthood.  There was a time when we didn’t get a long very well simply because we were taking different roads through life.  I didn’t have the maturity or insight to see life from her perspective.  img_2292Each of us has our own journey through life that we must take in order to grow and become the person we were made to be.  Initially, she and I took different paths in order to learn what we needed to.  But, in the end, we found each other again going down the same road together.

Abigail has come so far and is a great mother to two fantastic, charming little boys.  She works hard to provide them with the best experiences and life that she can.  She loves her boys and would do anything for them.  Sometimes, I feel she doesn’t do enough to take care of herself, but that is just the way she is!  🙂 She will focus her time and energy taking care of her family, including her father in law.

Abigail strives to see the best in every situation and in every person.  😉  Sometimes that’s what you need!  If you are one of those people lucky enough to call yourself Abigail’s friend, count yourself blessed.  She is a great friend and won’t ever give up on you.

I admire Abigail for her perseverance and persistence in pushing through the lows and hard times in her life to get herself to the place where she is now.  She, like the rest of us, has made mistakes but she never let those define who she is as a person.  That is why she is my #WomanCrushWednesday ! 🙂

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