Cupid’s Chase 5K

Cupid’s Chase is a fundraising event for Community Options, Inc. which is an US company that helps to support persons with disabilities.  There are offices all over the country that help people find housing and give them the community support they need.  There are actually Cupid’s Chase races run throughout the US in the same weekend in February every year.  I thought that was pretty neat!

Anywho, I decided to run this race because I haven’t actually raced a 5K in quite some time and with all the training I have been doing and the improvement in my pace I was curious to see how I could do.  I had my son this weekend, but luckily, a friend from my running group was able to hang out with him while I ran.  It was great, because he brought along his cow bell and was out there cheering everyone on!! 🙂 I always enjoy getting to see him along the course when I am running.img_2421  The course was originally supposed to start on City Island.  It is an island, SURPRISE, in the middle of the Susquehanna River here in Harrisburg.  Most of our local races start and finish on this island.  Usually, the courses go across the bridge to the riverfront and either go up or down the river.  This race was supposed to do that as well but, due to a recent snowfall, the paths weren’t clear.  Most of the paths were still covered with snow and quite a bit of ice.  That left us with running loops of the island for the race!!  I felt like I was in track again, lol.  😉  One loop around the island equals out to 3/4 of a mile, so we ran 4 loops.

Initially, I was a bit bummed about the change in course.  But, the more I thought about it, I liked it.  That meant my little guy would be right in the middle of action the whole time, which he really enjoys.  That also meant that I would get to see him on each of my laps for some added inspiration! 🙂  img_2352Another helpful aspect of the course staying on the island is, we do our speed-work training runs there every Wednesday night with the Fleet Feet Sports training programs.  So, running for speed here is something my mind and feet are used to doing.  I just put myself in the mindset that this was just another speed workout.

For this being the second weekend of February, the weather couldn’t have been better.  The sun was out, most of the snow had melted and the temperature was about 36 at the start.  A few of my running friends were running the race as well.  It’s always nice to have people you know running a race along side of you.  One friend, Katie, (we ran the beginning of the Harrisburg Marathon together a few months ago) was there and planning to race it as well.  She is finally healed from her Achilles injury and ready to get back to full speed again!  I told her she would be my rabbit, lol.  I would use her as my focus point to try to keep up with.  🙂

Katie, Topher, Fred, & Me

The race started and I felt pretty good.  I will admit, I was quite nervous as well.  Within the first loop, Katie gained some distance ahead of me (and Fred as well 😉 ).  My goal and focus was to just keep her in my sights as long as I could and to not look down at my watch, just run.  At mile 1, I did look down and saw my time was 7:43 and that helped to ease my worries and anxiety.  That told me I was pushing myself and working hard.  All I had to do at this point was to stay consistent and work to not lose my pace.img_2378

I had about 200 meters to go when Fred (having already finished & won the race 😉 ) was coming back through the course.  He ran along side me giving me that extra push to speed through to the finish.  My son was also right there cheering for me as I came around the last turn.  🙂  I was able to keep my second mile under 8 minutes but just missed that with the third mile. I’m still very happy with how I ran because it is one of the fastest times I have run a 5K as an adult.  My personal best was a 23:16 when I was 15 years old! lol 😉  So, I will cut myself some slack and give myself a well deserved pat on the back for kicking my old butt! 😉  After finishing, I found out that not only had Fred won the race, but Katie had placed as 3rd female overall and another running group friend, William, placed 2nd male overall.  Way to go guys!!!  SEND EM! 😉

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