Ceiling Fan Makeover

The other evening I was sitting on my couch in my front room and looked up at my ceiling.  There, glaring back at me, was my ugly, out of style ceiling fan.  I said out loud (to an empty room), “God, that’s ugly!!”  🙂  That’s when it clicked……why don’t I do something about it?!?!

My mission the next day was to not go to bed until I had done something to make it look better.  A friend requested a brief how-to describing what I did….so here ya go! 🙂

My décor in my front room is mostly blues and creamy white and tan colors.  I decided to stick with that color scheme for the fan.  I forgot to take a before picture of the fan…oops!  The blades were a dark wood grain with gold fixtures. IMG_2543.JPG The globe had an out of date peach and green flower decal on either side.  Needless to say, it completely clashed with what I have going on in that room.

  1. First step was to remove the fan blades.  It is beneficial to have someone help you when doing this, but not necessary.  There were a couple of times when unscrewing the blades, the teensy screws dropped and then I had to crawl around the room looking for them.  lol 🙂  If you have someone down on the floor, they can catch things or at least see where the darn screws fall!
  2. Next, remove the fixtures (the parts that connect the blades to the fan motor) from the blades.  I washed, sanded, and washed (again) both the blades and fixtures before painting them.  The fan blades had a finish on them, so in order to make sure the paint sticks, I sanded as much of the finish off as I could.
  3. I painted the fixtures and blades with Krylon ColorMaster paint & primer spray paint.  It did a good job of covering.  I only needed one coat for the gold fixtures and two coats for the blades, mainly since they were a darker wood color.
    Fan Blades

    Metallic Blue for pattern; Ivory for blades
  4. After the blades were dried, I got out my acrylic craft paint, stencil brush, stencil and painters tape.  I also got out my secret weapon…….my hairdryer! 🙂 Yup! I tend to be inpatient when working on my craft projects and I’ve learned the hairdryer helps a lot with that.  😉  I lined the stencil up on the first blade and taped it down with painter’s tape.  Using the stencil brush I dabbed the paint on over the stencil.  If you don’t have one or have never used a stencil brush, they are very easy to find and easy to use.  You can typically find them at any craft store and I believe I have seen them at Wal-Mart and home improvement stores as well.  Below is a picture of my stencil and the stencil brush.img_2546
  5. The stencil was not long enough to cover the entire blade, so what I did before removing the stencil and sliding it down was, I blow dried the paint.  I used the drier for about 30 seconds to a minute, not too long.  I wanted it just dry enough that it wouldn’t come off on my hands or on the stencil.  I lined the stencil up to the design I had already painted on the blade.  This will take a minute and I recommend looking it over to be sure you have it laid out right before you start painting.  This particular design played some tricks on my eyes so I re-checked each time before starting painting so I didn’t make a mistake in lining things up.  Do this with each fan blade.  Let them dry.


  6. Re-attach the painted and dried fixtures (see above).
  7. Re-attach the blades/fixtures to the fan motor.  This is another step that would go smoother with an extra set of hands.  It can be done alone, as I did, but definitely would go easier with a helper.
  8. This step would be the step of putting up the new globe, however, I haven’t gotten to that point yet!!  🙂  I went out and bought a globe, but unfortunately it didn’t fit.  I would recommend measuring the opening of the globe before going to the store! lol 😉

For those of you curious to see how I did it, there it is!! 🙂  Any questions, please feel free to send me a message!


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