Being Seen while Running

We all know it’s important to have reflective gear, lights, etc. when out for nighttime runs.  Trying to decide and dig through all your options can be daunting.  I thought it would be helpful to discuss some of the different options there are for nighttime running gear.

  • Reflective Vests – there are sooooo many different options for these.  There are “full” vests, there are simple strap vests and so forth.  What’s best is what’s best for you. I know that minimal is best for me.  If there is too much going on, I hate it and can’t run.  I think it would be helpful to test “run” a vest out at your local running store if you have the chance.


  • Headlamps –  these not only help you see but also help you be seen.   If you can get yourself a true running headlamp, it makes a real difference.  They tend to be lighter weight.  There are also some now that are rechargeable.  img_1906I struggle some with having something on my head, but I have discovered it makes it more bearable to wear my headlamp if I am also wearing a ball cap.  Another trick I have developed for myself is, I loosen the strap as far as it goes and will wear the headlamp around my chest (just below my sports bra) or around my waist.
  • Handheld lights – there are also several different options for handheld lights.  Nathan makes a handheld flashlight with an angled grip and strap.  There are Knuckle Lights as well.  There are two styles of Knuckle Lights, one uses batteries & the other is rechargeable.thg2a99kru  Both options are definitely something to consider.
  • Foot/Shoe lights – I have come across spur lights which are pretty neat.  These are made more for you to be seen than to help with seeing.  They can be different colors and they slide onto the back of your shoe, like a spur!  They can be steady or blinking.  There are also lights called Night Runners that clip onto your shoelaces and light the path ahead of you.  I have a few friends that have these lights and really like them.  They do have a couple different settings for brightness and such.  They are also very light weight and don’t feel heavy on your shoes.


  • Strobe lights – there are several different types of these lights.  I have a couple of the Nathan strobe lights that can glow steady or blink.  I prefer to use mine by clipping them on the back of my ball cap, my Flip Belt, or my hydration pack.  Some people clip them onto the hem or collar of their shirt.  It’s just another added way of making yourself seen.
  • Reflective running clothes – whether you are searching for them or not, you are bound to buy/own several pieces of running clothes that have reflective areas on them.  It’s pretty great that most companies automatically have reflective designs on all their running clothing.
  • Safety Skin – this by far, my most favorite new running ‘toy’.  It glides on your skin and washes off super easy.  My local Fleet Feet Sports started carrying this stuff and as soon as I could, I bought some! 🙂  I was able to try it out on my run last night.  I think it works pretty well!  I’m looking forward to the summertime when I can use it more and not have to worry about extra layers when it’s hot out.

Is there something I’ve missed?  Any product that you prefer to use when running in the dark?  Please let me know!!

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