Lucky Charm 10K

My original hopes for this race was to try for a new 10K PR.  Disappointingly, it did not turn out that way at all.  After the Naked Bavarian Trail Race I felt sore.  I figured it was typical post-race soreness. Welp…….it wasn’t.  I saw the doctor the day before and he has ordered a MRI. In the meantime, no running for me.  Talk about a blow to my psyche.

Anyway, the week of the race we had a blizzard up here in PA. Something around 18″ of snow fell Monday night.  By Friday, major sections of the course were still covered in snow.  My friend and coach, Fred, (owner of Fleet Feet Mechanicsburg and Race Director) discovered this and spoke with the city about the obvious issues with this!  They weren’t sure if they could get the course cleared in time for the race and suggested the race be cancelled.  Well, you all know how runners are!  That was not an option!  IMG_3208We were going to do everything we could to make sure this race happened!

Friday afternoon, a group of us showed up downtown with our shovels and snow blowers ready to get to work!!  We walked the sections of the course that were still covered in snow and started clearing the way.  🙂  Within about 2 hours, we had the course cleared and covered with salt ready for the next day.

Side note here:  This is a perfect example of why I love the running community!!! 🙂  It truly is a community.  All Fred had to do was post online that he needed help with this and in no time, there was a large group of people ready to help out.  So super cool! 🙂


Saturday morning arrived.  I got myself bundled up for the long, chilly morning and headed downtown.  I helped unwrap medals, set out cones on the course, gave all my friends pep talks before the race!  🙂  IMG_3243One of my tasks was to direct runners along the course.  The spot I was at, was about a quarter mile from the finish at the ‘hardest’ part of the course.  The only hill!!  I really enjoyed being at the top cheering everyone up.  I was able to see all my friends racing which was great and a little bittersweet.  I wish I could have ran it, but I’m so glad I didn’t stay home and mope all morning.

The race finished and then we all headed to the after-party down the street.  It was a great morning and I’m glad I chose to still be a part of it, even though I couldn’t run.  I would definitely recommend volunteering at a race.  It’s so rewarding to be a part of and be able to be added support along the course for fellow runners. 🙂

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