Turn a setback into a comeback

Sadly, this post does not come with good news or a happy heart.  I received the results of my MRI yesterday and it wasn’t what I had hoped for.

The doctor found small tears in the labrum of my hip-joint.  hip_labral_tear_intro01.jpgThe labrum is some of the cushion for the femur head inside the joint.  It also helps with joint stability and keeping the femur in place.

Most labral tears are not a result of a specific precipitating event.  They tend to develop over time.  In runners, labral tears are common due to the micro trauma’s received from the constant pounding on the road, uneven surfaces, etc.  One thing I also discovered while reading up on this, is that labral tears are more common in females than they are in males.  They are also more common in people with hip dysplasia or persons who have had hip issues in the past.  Well, I can tell ya this, those are 3 things counting against me here!


In case you are curious, I found this nice little picture of the symptoms.  I pretty much had them all. 😦 Blargh!  Another interesting fact regarding symptoms, is that the pain tends to come and go, it doesn’t stay constant.  The pain returns when the person begins to do the movements that aggravate that area of the hip (i.e. run).  That’s the situation I am in at the current moment, which makes this whole process so much more difficult for me.  I am no longer hurting or experiencing any discomfort.  It has been over a week since I last ran and my hip isn’t bothering me at all.  Naturally, that gets my mind thinking, “Let’s hit the street!”  And yet, I know what that will do.  The pain will come back, I won’t be able to walk and I will be disappointed all over again.

The next step to take, according to the doctor, is a X-Ray guided shot of cortisone in the hip-joint in the hopes of reducing swelling and relieving pain.  I will also need to begin Physical Therapy.  The hopes of PT is that I will build up strength of the hip muscles in order to better support and stabilize my hip.  If after several weeks of PT and having the shot, the pain does not go away and continues to reappear when I run, the discussion will turn to surgery.  Obviously that is not at all something I want to do, so you can bet your butt I will be doing what I need to, in order to get this hip back in working order!!!

Until then………NEVER GIVE UP!



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