Lessons to learn

I’m not going to lie, these last couple weeks have not been easy for me.  After the initial shock and disappointment of the diagnosis of my hip injury, I came up with my plan of attack.  I set my plan into motion and felt confident I would breeze through this process.  Here I am, in week two and I feel like I’m faltering again.

I just don’t feel like myself at the moment.  I find myself easily distracted and lacking any real oomph for much of anything.  Normally the girl who is constantly on social media, posting this and posting that…I’m not doing any of that or even checking my email.  I understand that with this healing process, just as with anything else in life, it will ebb and flow.  What I must do, is to keep one part of me balanced and focused on the goal at hand.  If I don’t……my ship of determination will sink like a lead weight.  If I don’t have enough forward momentum, I will very quickly find myself stuck in the mire of depression.

With that being said, despite the depression and disappointment, this experience is opening up a door for me.  I am seeing and getting confirmation that running is a very important aspect of my life.  Buuutttt……it cannot be everything and it ISN’T everything.  Yes, running is an outlet, a stress reliever, an avenue that provides me fulfillment, but there are other things in my life that do that as well.  Now I have the chance to explore more of my creative side, do some more redecorating, painting, sewing, etc.  I’m also slowly becoming a gym rat….can’t believe I’m actually saying that about myself!! 🙂 lol  Also, I sat and read a book that was not illustrated and written for children under the age of 6!! I am super impressed with myself about that!

So, yea, I’m a little depressed at the moment, but tomorrow is another day.  I have options of what I want to do with my time and all those options are things I enjoy.  I just need to continue taking it all one day at a time and keep my focus and……..



P.S.  For the first time, I will be having a guest blogger share some of his experiences!! He will be sharing his Top 3 picks for European Runcations this coming Monday, 4/17, so stay tuned!!!  And in the meantime, check out his blog at  joerandene.com


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