Four very long weeks

Well, it’s been four very long weeks since I last ran.  It’s hard to comprehend at the moment.  Prior to this injury, the longest stretch I went between runs, for the last year, was perhaps two or three days at the most.  I have gone through a roller coaster of emotions in these last few weeks as well.  There has been frustration, disappointment, anger, determination, sadness, pride and impatience.  Although I know this situation is far from over and I still have some more ups and downs to go through, I’m excited to say that I have been given the OK to try running again!! 🙂

I met with my doctor earlier in the week to review the MRI images and to discuss in more detail my ‘options’.  It was helpful for me to actually see the damage and get a better mental image of what is going on inside me.  🙂  My doctor was awesome in answering all my questions and explaining all the options I had.  I explained to him that I have been doing PT and other strengthening exercises for about 4 weeks now and have been completely pain free for about 2 weeks.  He suggested slowly bringing running back into the mix to see if the pain returns, what the pain level is like, if it is there, and then consider a Cortisone injection if it’s too painful.  Originally, I was scheduled for an injection, but I chose not to do it as the pain was decreasing on it’s own and I didn’t feel it necessary.

There is a strong possibility that with the addition of PT and extra strengthening exercises that the pain won’t return or will be more manageable.  There is also a possibility that it will return but a Cortisone injection helps and makes the pain go away.  He explained to me that sometimes the injections help and that is it.  Other times, the injection works/helps for a period of months and then the discomfort returns.  If that is the case for me, my decision at that point would be…do I want to continue getting injections every few months or do I want to have the surgery (to clean up the damaged area)?  Luckily, if surgery is the road I choose, as long as my pain isn’t unbearable, etc. I can schedule it for when it is convenient for me and my running schedule.  Something every runner wants to hear!!!

And so, with the blessing of the doctor, I went out on Wednesday and ran one mile!  Woohoo!!  I wanted to run more, but I’m trying to play it smart.  I took it slow and it was an 11 minute mile…..BUT….there was no pain or discomfort.  Yay!  Last night, I ran a little more but still kept it easy at a 11:22/mi pace.  It felt odd running.  My legs felt as if they weren’t sure what they should be doing! Lol 🙂 I am going to continue to ‘play it safe’ and take my time getting back into any crazy distances or paces.  I’m just so happy to be out there hitting the pavement again and I will take what I can get!! 🙂



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