Logan’s Run for Autism

This past Friday, when I picked my son up from school I asked him what he would like to do for the coming weekend.  It was his first day back at Mama’s house and I wanted to make some fun plans for the weekend.  I tossed out several different ideas to him of things that were going on in our area.  After me repeating the options a few times, he chose what he wanted to do.  He wanted to run a race!  Awesome!

Logan’s Run for Autism is a pretty popular Run/Walk event for our area that raises money for local programs that support and provide treatment to children on the spectrum.  We arrived an hour before the start and still had quite a line to wait in for day-of registration.  IMG_4138My little guy was super excited to see some Ghostbusters hanging around outside as well!  After registering, the first place we had to go was to meet the Ghostbusters and get his picture taken with them.  🙂  There was also someone dressed up as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.  🙂  There was also a bouncy house for the kids as well as music.

The race was held at City Island, the typical place races are held in our area.  The start began at the end of a walking bridge that goes across the Susquehanna River.  My son and I have run in this area many times, whether that is for a race or to just run with friends.  One goal he has always had is to run the entire length of the bridge without stopping to walk.  In recent runs, he has been very close but has ended up stopping to walk.  Just before the race began, I reminded him of his goal.  IMG_4147He got very excited when he realized today was another chance to give it a try.

The race began and we started off across the bridge.  Around halfway, I reminded him of his goal and that he could reach it today.  He started to doubt himself, but I cheered him on and he ran the whole way across the bridge!  I was super proud.  I promised we could take a walk break as long as he ran to the bottom of the hill.  He did and we took our short little break.  The remainder of the race was run/walking and an occasional piggy back ride to “give his legs rest”, lol. 🙂  There was no complaining and he kept on going and pushing himself the whole 3.1 miles.IMG_4148

Just comparing the experience of the Hero Run 5K to this race, it was like night and day.  He was in good spirits the entire time and I could really sense that he was confident in himself and what he could do.  I loved it! 🙂  He has been showing a lot of growth and maturity lately.  It really makes me so proud to see it.

His official finish time was 44:59 and I couldn’t be prouder.  We had fun together, he enjoyed the cheers, seeing some familiar faces and of course….the Ghostbusters!!  Check out a slideshow of some more pictures from race day.



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