Race Against Racism

This past weekend I got behind the starting line again for the first time in over a month! 🙂  Yay!  I knew I wouldn’t really be ‘racing’ it, but it was still nice to finally be out there again.

Race Against Racism is held every year by our local YWCA to raise money for their programs.  The company I work for is also one of the sponsors for the race.  Each year, my company pays the registration for a number of staff interested in participating in the race.  I’ve gotten the opportunity to run this race 3 times and really enjoy being a part of it.

The course recently changed from starting/finishing on City Island to starting/finishing just behind the State Capital building.  IMG_4274I really liked the change in course because it offers a different view of the city.  It’s nice to have a change in scenery.

I ran a warm up mile from where I parked to the starting line.  It didn’t take long for me to get hot and nasty!  The humidity was definitely thick that morning.  It was overcast and gloomy and naturally….I didn’t check the weather!  Just as we were lining up at the start line it began to rain.  Luckily it was a light sprinkle and wasn’t anything troublesome to run in.  Once we got moving and heated up, it was nice to have the refreshing rain.

I took my time running and didn’t push myself too hard.  It wasn’t easy to maintain a slow pace, in my head, however, my legs did NOT want to go any faster than they were!  I remember coming around the last turn with about 200 meters to the finish thinking, “Oh my gosh, I’m so tired, this is way too long!”  Afterwards, I had to laugh at myself as I usually am running much longer distances just for fun.

It was nice be back out there again, but it was also a reminder that this is still a long road I am on and I must continue to be patient with myself and my legs.




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