Capital 10 Miler



I have definitely been behind the game these last few weeks in posting and finishing posts.  I have several partially done posts just waiting for me to get to it!! 😉  Here is one of them!

Back in April, was the annual Capital Area 10 miler.  This was another race I was really looking forward to running and hoping to improve my time from last year.  Unfortunately, with my injury, I was unable to run this year.  I was able to transfer my bib to someone else, so it didn’t go to waste!  I was happy about that. 🙂

Because it is a popular local race, many of my friends from the local running groups participated in the race.  The picture above is of all the River Runners there for race day.  There were many runners as well as volunteers such as myself.  TheIMG_3614 Fleet Feet training group had many people running the race as well!  We had just gotten our race singlets for the program and many people wore theirs for the race.  (Hence, the sea of blue!) 🙂

It was hard for me to be there on race day, especially when I really, really wanted to run this particular race.  I had been looking forward to it.  IMG_3609I decided to volunteer instead of sitting on my couch boohooing all morning.  Initially, I struggled, but by the end of the day, I was having a blast.

My job was to pass out medals at the finish line.  That was awesome! Seriously, if you ever get a chance to do that… it!  The adrenaline flows and it’s so exciting watching the runners push themselves for a fast finish and to even watch the close calls.  I had so many friends running as well that it made being there at the finish so much more enjoyable.

My partner in crime that day was also another reason why I had a blast.  Preeti had just run the Philadelphia Love Run the week prior and was resting some before getting back in to training.  It was nice to have a friend at the finish cheering on everyone we knew.   IMG_3615

While we were waiting for the first runners to come in, we just hung out and got our arms filled with medals.  The weight of those things builds up after a while!  My arms were feeling it! 😉  We also felt a bit like super stars, because we got a few pictures taken of us as well. 🙂


As much as I really wanted to run the race and come out with a new PR, I really enjoyed being a part of the volunteer crew.  I enjoyed cheering everyone on that I didn’t have a voice for almost the entire next week!! Ha, ha, ha!  So, if you ever find yourself in a similar situation, I would encourage you to consider being a volunteer for the day and I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the great time you will still have! 🙂





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