Healthy Kids Running Series

I came across this awesome program just over a year ago and I love it!  It is a program that ‘provides kids a positive, educational and fun experience in the world of running.’ (Healthy Kids website)The program is for children ages 2yrs all the way to 8th grade.  There are typically two sessions a year, fall and spring.  Each session is about 5 weeks long and they meet once a week to run their race.  The distances vary depending on age.  The  youngest ones run a 50yard dash and the oldest run a mile.

Naturally, I registered my son for the program as soon as I found out about it. 🙂  He really enjoys the program and being a part of the races.  I can tell that his favorite part of each race is all the cheers and claps from the parents/spectators on the sidelines.IMG_4792  Each time he comes to a part of the course where there are people cheering, he noticeably slows down!!  🙂 He then gets a big smile on his face, soaking up the energy and support of the crowd! 🙂

This program is helpful for kids, as it teaches them so much…perseverance, commitment,  and simply understanding that you ‘can’t win ’em all.’  I have noticed such an improvement in my son since he started participating in the program.  IMG_4350This past session that ended a couple weeks ago, his time dropped every week by several seconds.  He is beginning to realize what he is capable of and it’s exciting to see him finding that in himself.  Along the way, I have learned something from watching him.  He doesn’t care if he comes in first, last or middle of the pack.  He is out there running because he enjoys it.  He is running because he loves the cheers of the crowd.  He doesn’t let a bad race get him down, because he is right back at again the next week.  I think sometimes we can be real hard on ourselves when competing and racing (I sure am!).  Perhaps, we need to take a step back and just enjoy the experience and the fact that we have the ability to get out there and run when there are others who cannot.  IMG_4559Because of his positive attitude and approach to every race, he was awarded with the Healthy Kid Award for this past Spring session.  Talk about being a PROUD MAMA!! 🙂 The Healthy Kid Award is ‘for exemplifying the positive attitude and personal improvement that are the founding principles of the Healthy Kids Running Series.’  He has done a great job and I cannot wait to see what else is in store for him.  🙂

If you are looking for something for your kiddo, but aren’t sure if they are quite ready for an organized team sport, or if you are still trying to find something that interests them….I strongly encourage you to give Healthy Kids a try.  It is a fun program and it doesn’t take up all of your time and money to have your child participate!  That’s a plus, right?! 😉

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