Harrisburg Senators Beer Run

Long time..no talk!!  It has been quite a busy few weeks!  I have a lot of runs and blog posts to catch up on, so stayed tune for a lot more! 🙂

Just about a week ago, I got to run the Harrisburg Senators Beer 1K.  This was my first actual beer run.  I’ve always wanted to give a beer mile a try and see how I could do, so when I saw this, I had to give it a shot!

The race was actually held inside the Harrisburg Senators stadium.  IMG_5018We ran 2 1/2 laps around the outside of the baseball diamond, exited the field and ran behind the stands to finish.  Total distance was about .62 mile.  At the end of each lap, we stopped for a 10z can of Coors Light (*cough*beer flavored water*cough). 😉  We had about 100 yards to get our beer and finish drinking it before starting our next lap.  Our third and final beer was to be drank just before the finish.

I wasn’t necessarily worried about the effects of the alcohol, I was more concerned about bubbles/gas and how my stomach would handle that.  IMG_5031I think if it had been any warmer that day, my stomach would have hated me! lol  I chose to start at the front, just so I wouldn’t get trampled by the other runners.  There wasn’t much room to spread out and there were a couple hundred people from what I remember.  For me, the first lap and the first beer were the hardest.  It was the fast start and then figuring out how I was going to down the beer super fast.  IMG_5032During my second and third laps, I definitely felt the burps coming on with all the gas in my stomach!

I ended up finishing in the top 20 or so, and probably only finished there because I started in the front, not gonna lie.  I am no sprinter! 🙂

Afterwards, we got to stay to watch the baseball game.  The top finishers got to go out on the field before the game and throw the first pitch.  That was pretty cool!IMG_5020.JPG  It was fun to hang out with my friends after the race drinking beer and eating ridiculous stadium food, lol.  I didn’t end up staying to watch the whole game because I had RAGNAR the next day!! 0_o  Yup!  Next blog post will be on my experience with RAGNAR PA, so stayed tuned!!




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