PA Ragnar – Part 1



Ragnar Relay from Lancaster, Pa to Split Rock Resort in the Poconos by numbers:

  • 2 rented 15 passenger vans
  • 12 runners
  • 35 exchanges
  • 16,007 feet total elevation gain
  • 204 miles
  • 17.01miles/runner average total distance
  • 3 legs per runner
  • 52nd place out of 83 mixed open teams
  • 34 hours; 52 minutes; 42 seconds from start to finish


What an experience!  The first thing I have to say is, if you ever have an opportunity to be a part of a relay race like this……DO IT!  It is such a fun experience.  You find yourself challenged, being goofy, feeling exhausted, making new friends and seeing places you’ve never been before.

I was a part of Fleet Feet Mechanicsburg relay team.  Our name was Fleet Feet’s Feet Fleet. Try and say that five times fast!! 🙂  It was pretty funny listening to the announcer trying to say our name without messing up.  IMG_5072.JPGEach team had a different start time based on the predicted pace and finish time of their team.  Our team started at 6:45am on Friday at Stauffer Park in Lancaster.  It was very enjoyable to run the countryside of Lancaster and to see all the Amish farmers out in their fields.  I recognized several parts of the course, as I had run them previously doing the Bird in Hand Half Marathon and the Garden Spot Village Half Marathon, both of which run through Amish villages.

I was in Van 2, so we didn’t start our first legs of the race until around noon, which gave us plenty of time to goof off, decorate our van, grab some Denny’s for breakfast and cheer on some of the Van 1 runners. 🙂  By the time we got to our first exchange and checked in, all of us were getting antsy and excited to get this thing started!

Fred was our first runner and he is crazy fast!  He had 7.5 miles on his first leg and we knew that we couldn’t dawdle between exchanges or he would get there before us!  We were able to stop about halfway on his leg and cheer him on as he raced past a semi! 🙂  Fred came into to finish his first leg at Intercourse PA Fire Company and off went Adriane.  I was on deck to run just over 6 miles through the countryside with very little shade, the sun high in the sky and some decent wind gusts.

My excitement got the best of me and I took off too fast for the current shape I’m in.  I ended up doing a Regression Run O_o  every mile slower than the last.  Whoops!  By the time I got to mile 4, the sun had really gotten to me and I was struggling.  Luckily, I wasn’t far from my exchange and I survived! 😉  We were halfway through our first legs of the race.  We had a lot of fun racing from one exchange to the next, cheering on our teammates as we drove past.  Soon, we were finished with our first legs and were ready for some time to rest!!

We found a dive bar nearby and stopped for some dinner before going to our next exchange point.  At this point, I was a bit punch drunk with exhaustion lol.  There was a time, while waiting for our food, that I begun laughing and couldn’t stop!  Ha, ha, ha.  I was definitely loopy and tired.  I shoved down my dinner and went out to the van to try and catch a few minutes rest before it was time for us to go again.

More on the rest of the race tomorrow! 😉

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