Pa Ragnar – Part 3

We were up and moving around by 8 or 9am Saturday morning.  Some of us got some sleep while others struggled getting comfortable on the hard gym floor or in the backseat of the van.  IMG_5146We stopped for gas and a gas station breakfast before we were off to cheer on our teammates on their last legs of the race.  It was fun to yell for our teammates out the van windows and ring our annoying cow bells! 🙂

The next major exchange was actually at a Drive In Movie Theater.  That was pretty cool, to see all the vans parked in the field in front of the big screen.  IMG_5154.JPG

Fred was up first again and he had a real short distance, 4 miles.  So, as soon as he was off we raced back to the van to get to the next exchange point before him.  Adriane was up next and she had the Ragnar Leg.  That title goes to the hardest section/leg of the 200 mile course.  It was 10.5 miles in distance and there was a total elevation gain of 1,480 feet!  Adriane had to run to the top of a mountain outside of Jim Thorpe, Pa and then run down the other side.  She was a BEAST and she conquered that sucker!  I won’t lie, I was glad to be in the van enjoying the views instead of running that!  We stopped a couple of times along the route to admire the gorgeous views from the top of the mountain.  Below are some of the pictures I took of the views.

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When Adriane finished her Ragnar Leg, I was there waiting to go.  I was still quite tired but after those couple of hours rest in the school gym I felt like I had gotten my second wind.  My leg was just under 6 miles and was also up the side of a mountain, but luckily only the first two miles were straight up and the rest was mostly flat.  IMG_5193I was pretty tired of running up mountains by now and came up with an approach to this mountain.  Due to the narrowness of the berm, cones were placed every 20 feet or so.  I told myself that I would run past two cones then walk to the next cone, run for two, walk for one and so on.  It really  helped to keep me from thinking of the ridiculousness of this incline and how tired my legs were.

As I came up the curve of the road to the top of the mountain, there was my team!!! 🙂 I was so happy to see them!  Van 1 had even made it there to cheer me on as well.  They were all up there with signs, cow bells and cheers.  It was a good push that I needed to keep pressing on for the next 3 miles.  I was using the thought that we were all in the home stretch to keep me moving and kicking butt!  I was super happy to see the crowd of runners and volunteers at the exchange.  I raced in to “my finish” and had to take several minutes to sit down in the grass and take a few breaths.  IMG_5231Yay, I was done! 🙂  I was definitely tired and spent, but super happy to say I was done.

As we returned to the van to head to the next exchange, it was exhilarating to think that we were so close to crossing that finish line.  Just 3 more runners and we will be done.  We continued driving towards Split Rock Resort in the Poconos, our finish line.  Katie was our last runner and we couldn’t wait to see her come out of the woods.  We got to the finish line area and met up with Van 1.  We waited together for Katie to come into the finish and we all ran across the finish line together.  It was nice to finally get that big Ragnar medal in my hands.  🙂  After the lack of sleep, running up mountainsides, heat, and darkness, we earned those medals!  CONGRATULATIONS again to my Fleet Feet’s Feet Fleet teammates…….WE DID IT!!! 🙂 🙂

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