Global Running Day/The Big Run

For those of you who may not be aware, June 7th, is designated as Global Running Day.  Many running groups hold special events to celebrate this special day.  😉 lol This year, for Global Running day, my son and I participated in Fleet Feet’s The Big Run.  IMG_5314Brooks Running and Fleet Feet running stores across the country hosted this run as a celebration of running and the running community.  This was a chance to run together nationally as a running community.

Since I only get to have my son half the time, I like to have memorable experiences with him as often as I can.  One of the reasons I decided that we would do this is, registration for the run included tickets to the Harrisburg Senators Baseball game that evening as well as a ball park meal of a hotdog, drink and chips.  My son had never been to a baseball game and I thought it would be a perfect summertime experience to have with him.  He was looking forward to ‘running a race with Mama’s friends.’  IMG_5296He did tell me though that, sometimes our races were too long! lol 🙂  I promised that we wouldn’t have to go far and could turn around whenever he was ready.

Since this was a fun run and not timed, I figured why not!  We are just here to have a good time. 🙂  It was quite cute because he snuck his way up to the very front of the crowd and shot out like a rocket!  He once again, did a great job getting across the bridge.  I think now we will have to find a new challenge for him since he has conquered the bridge! 😉

We went a half mile and turned around so we finished with a mile.  He was pretty happy with himself and excited to have another medal to add to his medal rack at home.  We hung around the finish line for a little bit and cheered some of our friends on before heading into the game.  We headed into the stadium, found our seats and then went to get our food.  IMG_5311He was pretty excited that Mama let him get Sprite to drink.  Ha, ha, ha!   Overall, it was a great evening.  The weather was nice, the sun came out and we got to visit with friends!  I’m glad we had the opportunity to do it and it’s another great memory for me and my Love Bug! 🙂


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