Duck Run

Last summer, the city of Harrisburg had dinosaur sculptures placed throughout downtown.  Each dinosaur was sponsored by a different group and painted in a different design or theme.  I hosted a Dino Run last summer to run through downtown and check out all the different dinosaurs.  As soon as I heard that they were doing something similar this summer, I had to make plans!!

They are now displaying Rubber Duckies throughout downtown (Discover the Ducks).  There are 15 different ducks displayed downtown.  I set a course that passed by the majority of the ducks.  The first run brought a large crowd and one runner, Adrienne, even brought us all awesome duck calls to wear and sound while we ran through town!!IMG_5774

We caught a few stares running around but it was lots of fun!  Many people brought their kids to participate and it’s always a blast to see all the IMG_6101little ones joining in on the running fun.  🙂  My sister and her little guys even joined us on one of the runs.   Sometimes doing different things helps to break up the monotony of everyday.  This was a great way to do that.  I hope everyone that joined us had fun as well!  Check out the slideshow of pictures below 🙂




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