Harrisburg Mile

What a day and what a race.  I had the pleasure of being able to participate in the Harrisburg Mile again this year with my son.  I was really looking forward to running with him and seeing how he would do.  I was on the fence about how I would approach the race.  When I originally signed up, I obviously wanted to race it and try for a better time than last year.  But, with the hip injury and still working my way back to pace, I wasn’t sure if racing it would be an option for me.


The Half Pint Half Mile is always the first event of the evening.  I like waiting at the start with the other moms and dads getting their little ones ready to run.  Some of the kids get really into it.  It is quite cute!

When we lined up on the start line moments before the run, my son began getting himself pumped up.  I even caught him doing some push ups!! LOL  He said they were to help him ‘warm up’.

Earlier, I had checked my Garmin data to see what time he ran it in the year before so I could let him know.  Last year, he ran the half mile in 6:38.  I told him that I believed he could go faster than that this year.  He seemed pretty confident in himself as well.  We were going to go for it!IMG_6034

He went out at a nice even pace and was able to hold onto it for a good quarter mile.  He had a little side stitch so we walked a couple steps and then he was right back at it again.  By this time, I realized the time and that he was totally on his way to crushing last year’s time.  I told him this as I cheered him on and he said, how many minutes mama?!  We were already around 3 minutes and I could see the finish line.  The look on his face was the best!!! 🙂  He just lit up with a huge smile and went speeding ahead!

My little man ended up crossing the finish line at 5:32.  He took an entire minute off his time!  He did fantastic and he was super excited about that and so was I.  A total #proudmama moment.  🙂  It was great to see him do so well.

Now that he was done with his run and there was some down time before my heat was up, it was time to play!!  IMG_6056.JPGHe was excited to discover that one of his buddies from school was there, so naturally…they had to play together!  It was just about time for me to head up to the starting line when the sky began looking real dark and we could here thunder in the distance.  And in just a matter of minutes, it began pouring buckets of rain.  The wind was blowing the rain in all directions.

At this point, I had started up and was at the half mile point and was huddled up underneath the Fleet Feet tent (with about 20 other runners).  Luckily, Fred was there with a walkie talkie and was able to let us know that due to the significance of the storm and thunder, they were delaying the next heat.  A few more minutes of rain and crazy wind, they chose to delay longer and longer.  By this point, I wasn’t seeing a sign of the rain letting up soon and it was getting later and later.  As much as I wanted to race, I knew my little guy needed to get home and to bed.IMG_6046

As much as I didn’t want to miss out on this race, I figured it would be best to head out.  By the time I got back down to the finish where my son was with his friend, things had pretty much shut down in the kids area.  Due to the rain and wind, all the activities, tables and such had been taken down.  But, where was my son?  The next few moments were quite frightening and scary, but luckily I was able to locate him with his friend’s family.  They had taken to shelter when the wind and rain had really picked up and that’s why I couldn’t find him.

Needless to say, after all that, all I wanted to do was go home, snuggle my little guy and go to sleep!  We headed off for home and of course, grabbed a celebratory ice cream cone on the way home to celebrate my son’s achievement! 🙂

Until next time friends…….NEVER GIVE UP

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