Practice what you preach……HA!! That’s easier said than done.  I feel as if my resolve and patience have been tested quite a bit in recent weeks.  I continue to tell myself that phrase over and over again to push myself to work through this.  It’s hard!

It’s a struggle to tell yourself, just be patient, things will happen in their own time and to actually believe it, feel it, trust it.  There are so many mantras, thoughts on life, words of wisdom that are thrown around.  Many of them are super beneficial and genuinely true and wise.  I, myself, have mentioned plenty of them in my previous posts (Don’t Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle; Four very long weeks; Self-Doubt  just to name a few).

I mention these thoughts and ideas in my posts as a way of helping others, providing different approaches and sharing my experiences and helpful hints getting through tough spots.  I know I have said too many times to count, you have to be patient, it’s going to take time to heal, just keep going.  But……ARGH……some days it’s just so frustratingly difficult to keep that thought process going.

Whether its troubles in my fitness journey, my recovery from injury, my personal life, or my professional life, I trip up.  I don’t believe it will be okay, I don’t feel patient, I don’t want to be the good guy.  Do any of you feel that way?  Do you face that internal struggle?

My goal at the moment is to not beat myself up over feeling that way, briefly allow those thoughts and feelings in, and then quickly move on.  Take the next step.  Acknowledge I am human, I make mistakes and may want to be the bad guy sometimes, but I also know that I am not that person.  So, perhaps today, I don’t believe it is okay and I don’t feel patient.  Tomorrow is a new day, a fresh start, to see the world in a different light.  Let’s start fresh!




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