West Virginia Trail Ragnar – Part 2

Being lower down on the roster, I had plenty of time from when we arrived at Big Bear around 1pm until my first loop.  I headed out on to the trails at 7pm.  I ran the green loop first, which was to be the easiest.  I honestly thought it was a little harder.  The distance was short, 3.5 miles, but there were many rocks in the trail and some sections were narrow.  Many of the trails we ran are mainly used for mountain biking.  There were times while running, I was thinking….there is no way I want to ride a bike through this!  It was hard enough to run it! lol

I got about halfway through this loop and I was feeling warmed up and confident.  Just about that time, I found myself doing a barrel roll down the trail! lol  IMG_6595I quickly got back up and was on the move again.  I had some scrapes on my knee and thigh, but nothing too painful.  I finished the green loop in just under 40 minutes.  As I arrived to the transition area, I looked for Jason and passed off to him.  He was our last runner to hit the trails on the first loop.

I  quickly discovered the Smores bar set up at the REI tent and decided to help myself to a post run Smore! Woot!  I got myself cleaned up at the medic station and headed back to our campsite to get into some less stinky clothes! 🙂

Dinner on Friday night was actually part of our registration and it was catered by a local BBQ restaurant.  It was nice to not have to worry about or plan for dinner.  After getting some time to rest and a full stomach, I was ready to sleep!

When you register your team with Ragnar, you also provide them with your predicted mile times and then they calculate your start and finish times.  They predict when each runner will be coming into the transition area as well.  That is really helpful when trying to make sure you are there when your runner comes in, especially with our camp site being as far from the transition area as it was.

There was a timing mat placed about a quarter mile from the finish/transition area, so that as runners ran over them, their team name and bib number would come up on television screens in the village area.  It was a perfect way of knowing when your runner was coming in and to get yourself ready and waiting in the transition area.

After about 5 hours of sleep, I got up and prepared for my overnight/dark loop.  I was lucky enough to have the hardest loop (red loop) to run in the middle of the night, in the dark!  Yay! 🙂 ha ha ha  Nikki came in to do the exchange around 3:30am Saturday morning.  I started out with two head lamps, one around my waist and the other on my head.  It didn’t take long for me to realize my lights were too dim and I of course, had forgotten fresh batteries.  Luckily, I had packed a handheld flashlight in my pack.  Whew!IMG_6606

The first mile or two of the red loop was a boulder field.  It was nothing but rock after rock after boulder after boulder.  Lol I sure would have liked to have seen the way it looked in the daylight, but all I could see was what was in my beam of light.  I passed at least three people who had already rolled their ankles and were turning around to hobble back to the start.  Once I got through the first 2 miles of the red loop, it wasn’t so bad.  I did end up rolling my right ankle a couple times.  I just slowed to a walk for a little to make sure it wasn’t too bad and went back at it.  The red loop came out to be 6.5 miles and I came in around an hour and a half.  It was still dark when I made it back to the transition area, but sunrise wasn’t too far away.  I returned to camp, cleaned up some, ate breakfast and headed back into my tent for another nap!!

I’ll finish up my Ragnar experience tomorrow, I don’t want to drag it on! lol 🙂  Until, then here are some more pictures to enjoy!

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