West Virginia Trail Ragnar – Part 3

By far, my most favorite part of Ragnar West Virginia was the yellow loop, my last leg of the race.  It was the ‘medium’ level of difficulty loop.  There were some elevation changes during this section of the course, but it wasn’t anything too significant.  The length of the course was about 4.5 miles.  The first mile and a half had rocky sections but they weren’t nearly as technical as the red loop.  I even had some fun playing leap-frog over the boulders this time! 😉

The coolest part of this loop came just after you hit 2 miles.IMG_6902

I was keeping my eyes down at the trail to make sure I didn’t trip over anything again, 😉 when suddenly I noticed the darkness of the woods got brighter.  I looked up and literally stopped dead in my tracks and said out loud (to myself lol), ‘Woah…duuuddee…’ 😉  Yea, yea, I know…..who says that anymore?!? Lol 🙂

All I could see in front of me were rows and rows of pine trees.  When I say rows, I literally mean rows.  They were all planted in straight lines.  I later found out that this particular area of the forest was cut down for lumber and then replanted with the pines.  You can see the picture, on the right, is a satellite image of the forest from above and you can see the difference in the image of where the pines are.  It was super cool and such a sudden change of scenery.  This ended up being my slowest mile simply because I couldn’t help but stop and enjoy the views and take pictures!  IMG_6614

The path in this area was super soft and squishy.  The ground was extra padded by all the pine needles on the path.  It really was an enjoyable place to run.  I would have been happy to run this loop for all three of my legs! 😉  IMG_6615IMG_6616

I had a great time running this section of the course and even ran my last mile of this loop in a 10:30!  I felt like I was flying! lol 🙂  I made it back in to the transition area just about 2pm and handed off to Jason for his last loop.  He was to finish with the red loop.  Once he headed out, the rest of the team began preparing for our big finish! 😉  IMG_6622

We waited at the village, keeping an eye on the television screens for when Jason crossed the quarter-mile mark.  We waited at the beginning of the ramp so we could all run in to the finish together.  As we ran across to the finish the announcer said our team name, Chafing the Dream! Yay! We were done after 26 hours 14 minutes and 18 seconds!

Overall, it was a fantastic weekend and tons of fun.  I got my chance to experience a road and a trail Ragnar in one summer….not too shabby!  If I had to choose between road or trail, I would choose trail.  I am a huge fan of camping, so that was a definite plus.  It really made a big difference to have the opportunity to rest/sleep/nap between legs.  I also really enjoyed all the ‘extras’ at the village and transition area.  Those were big pluses too.

Either way, I will say it again, Ragnar is a super fun experience and I would recommend it to anyone! 🙂  Here are some more pictures to finish off sharing my Ragnar experience.

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