The difference a year makes

This time last  year, I was a ball of excitement and nerves.  I was gearing up for my longest run ever, preparing to run my first marathon.  I was so nervous, wondering if I could “make it” the entire distance.  (Countdown Begins)

So much is different from then.  A year later, I can proudly say that I have tackled a marathon distance not just once…..but five times since.  0_o  If you would  have told me that last year, I would have laughed in your face and walked away.  lol  Sometimes you can’t plan and prepare for what lies ahead because it can truly change in a matter of moments.th6Z20809I

This year’s race brings me nerves again, but for a completely different reason. I’m nervous about my hip. I am left wondering if it will hold up and carry me through to that finish line. I have been feeling better and stronger, but I still get occasional discomfort in my hip. It likes to remind me to slow down, back off and I’m not as young as I once was. 😉 

Honestly, I am excited and I look forward to running my ‘hometown course’. I’ve been training on these roads and they are what I’m comfortable with.  I know I can run this distance. 

No matter what happens, I look forward to that feeling of triumph and success as I cross that finish line!


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