Harrisburg Marathon 2017

I find it hard to imagine that the end of the year is so close.  It seems like just yesterday I was preparing to run Ragnar Pa in June!  Next week is Thanksgiving!!

It is also less than 2 1/2 weeks until Devil Dog weekend……woah. 0_o This past weekend I ran my last long run before the big race.  Now I’m headed for taper town. 🙂23517516_10212544011367640_895346095660692984_nI had 31 miles on my training schedule, so I just ran 5 miles before running the Harrisburg Marathon.   Originally, I had contemplated adding on and running my extra 5 after the race.  The more I thought about it, the more I realized the likelihood of me actually following through with that was quite slim.  This way, I knew I would have my miles in and my friend, Fred, would be running beforehand as well.  It always helps to have a partner in crime! 😉

It was a bit of an undertaking because it meant getting up earlier, fighting the desire to just hit snooze and stay in bed.  Those warm up miles were simple and easy.  We just ran loops of City Island, which was where the marathon would be starting.   23172406_10213292982153054_2948462112658266226_nWe hit 5 miles just about a half hour before the start.  That was nice because by that time, I had really begun to warm up and could loose some of the extra layers I needed due to the early start.  We got our big River Runners group photo taken and it was time to head to the start!  Woot!

It was around 30 degrees at the start, but it was predicted to warm up to 41 degrees by mid-day.  Many fellow runners struggled with deciding the best outfit to wear for the temperatures.  It was a tricky situation with starting off chilly but ending at a decent temp.  23517490_10210775736257243_6797917691758936859_nI opted for shorts and a tank top with arm sleeves.  I did have a long-sleeved throw away that I wore until mile 9.  That plan seemed to work well for me.  I didn’t feel too hot or too cold while running.

The race went well and I felt good until the typical distance where I started being wimpy……17/18 miles.  That tends to be when my body really begins to complain and I feel aches everywhere.  Luckily, with having run this distance a handful of times now, I also know that I just have to endure it for a few miles and I get my second wind.  It also helped to have Fred running with me.  Whenever I mentioned a new ache or pain, he made sure to come up with some random observation or stupid joke to distract me! lol 🙂

I got my second wind and was feeling pretty good again we hit marathon distance….which meant I still had 5 more miles to go.  To put it bluntly…..that really sucked!  At that moment, I was ready to be done, I didn’t want to go 5 more miles.  The constant pounding on the pavement was really beginning to have an effect on my joints and they were ready for some relief.  I continued to remind myself that I could do this and have done it before. In the end, I crossed the finish line not much slower than I had last year. I had predicted this year would be a bit slower with my injury and training specifically for distance and not speed. I am happy with how things went on Sunday and I am ready to tackle Devil Dog. Let’s do this!!!


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