The clock is ticking

The end of this week marks the culmination of this year’s training.  Plans changed and didn’t go as expected this year with my running, but, in the end, I’m happy with all I’ve done.  I didn’t get to run the 24hr race in Ohio as I had planned, so I opted to run Devil Dog again! 🙂

Not so bright and early 😉  this Saturday morning, I will be hitting the trails of Prince William Forrest for a second time.  I am approaching this race much differently than last year and I really am looking forward to the experience.  I definitely have a lot more confidence in myself and feel much more prepared.  Well……that’s because I AM much more prepared! lol 🙂

Last year’s decision to run Devil Dog came with a lot of unwanted side effects, but overall it was an incredible learning and growing experience.  great-works-are-performed-not-by-strength-but-by-perseverance-quote-1The aftermath of the race taught me a lot about myself and the importance of certain friendships and personal goals.  I came out of it a much stronger and more confident person.  I am looking forward to Saturday and having another opportunity to challenge myself.  I am also excited for Saturday as my mother has chosen to be a part of my crew!! 🙂

There is something special about being able to share an experience like this with the people you care about and that care about you.  It means a lot to me to see how much my mother has come to recognize the importance that running and ultra-marathons has become to me.  She has become a big supporter in this last year of training and it means a lot.  To have my Mama there with me as I tackle this goal will be super cool.  🙂

So, here I am, three days from the big day! 🙂 I’m feeling confident, prepared and excited to hit the trails again.  Here’s to adding a faster time to my tattoo and NEVER GIVING UP! 🙂

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